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The Method

The Times May Change, But Gil's Waterproofing Method Does Not

Gil's method is proven to eliminate all moisture inside the house caused by cracks in the foundation of your home. All of Gil's work is done on the outside of your Hamilton and Burlington-area house (no interior work) to ensure that water and moisture have no way to enter the house. This is absolutely necessary to prevent mould deterioration of concrete and to prevent dampness within the home.

Trying to fix a crack in the foundation of your home from the inside is a "band-aid" solution which in many cases will not even provide temporary stoppage of water flow. Repairing from the inside does not eliminate mould but actually can create it.

If you’re using the interior method, you are actually contributing to the deterioration of the concrete because the concrete can’t breathe.

Gil does WATER proofing not DAMP proofing. He doesn’t glue the rubber membrane on to the walls, because that is blocking the water from draining down. For this reason, Gil does the stone, weeping tile and Delta MS membrane.

Gil is fully licenced and insured and all of his waterproofing work comes with a 25 year transferrable warranty.


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