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> Welcome to Gil's Waterproofing

Gil does WATER proofing not DAMP proofing. His method doesn’t glue the rubber membrane on to the walls, because that is blocking the water from draining down. His method consists of using stone, weeping tile and Delta MS membrane.

Gil is fully licensed and insured and always uses new equipment. He works extra hard to outdo his competitors and his reputation.

It’s a dirty job but we love it.

Update: As of February 10, 2010, Gil Amaral of Gils Waterproofing Inc was deemed an EXPERT IN WATERPROOFING and the cause of water damage in basements by a superior court judge in Hamilton, ON!

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In Hamilton and Stoney Creek it is the requirement of the contractor to have a license and a permit. Gil carries liability insurance and is fully insured for waterproofing. A license and permit is not required in the city of Burlington so home owners should be cautious. "It is the customers obligation and responsibility to ask questions and gain knowledge before hiring anyone. But what’s more important is that it’s the contractors obligation and responsibility to answer all questions and inform the customer”. Seniors are the most vulnerable when hiring contractors.


“When Gil’s around, leaks leave town”.